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Polldeck is a data and analytics platform that empowers organizations with real-time, actionable insight.

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Polldeck makes it easy to get feedback, measure impact with real-time analysis

We crowdsource high-quality data through multiple channels to provide insights into our client’s business questions.

Customer Experience Management

We work with companies and startups in all sectors to automate, measure and understand their customer’s satisfaction at key moments in the customer journey.

Monitoring & Impact Evaluation

We offer International development agencies, Government Agencies, and NGOs an Omni mobile platform to engage, survey and assess hard-to-reach beneficiaries.

Data to Insights

Our analytics engine empowers organizations to analyze and visualizes data sitting in different silos to draw out insights for decision-making.

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design & Set up

Agree on business/project goals. Design experiments.

Integrate & Deploy

Agree on reward systems, the respondent panel, Integrate into clients systems, distribute surveys.

Results & Insights

View real-time results, access insight on dashboard, download data for further analysis.

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