Polldeck is a data collection and analytics platform that empowers organizations with real-time, actionable insight.

Companies/Brands/Organizations that fail to proactively engage, listen, and meet their customer's changing needs or improve their experiences over time would fast lose their market share/impact.

That is why we passionate about supporting our clients to automate their customer engagement channels to gain insight for intelligent decision-making.


We believe the best innovations come from the voice of customers. We actively engage our customers, open to experiments, and embrace the kaizen innovation culture.

Integrity & Excellence

Our team is dedicated to keeping our brand promise of delivering timely insight for our clients to make intelligent decisions. We have built a robust financial and administration systems to ensure we serve our customers with integrity and excellence.

Data Security

At Polldeck, we take the security of data we collect for or on behalf of our customers seriously. We have built-in GDPR compliance in our platform and certified by the Data Protection Agency in Ghana.

Whoever understands the customer best, wins.

Mike Gospe

Our mission is to empower our clients with the insight to make intelligent decisions based on a combination of real-time data from their customers and big data from other relevant sources.

Meet Our Team

We have a diverse team with rich technical and project management backgrounds to develop, deploy and manage projects for clients.

Nana Kwame Adu-Gyamfi


Nana Kwame’s extensive work experience with Mira network- South Africa, Celtouch Ghana and SMSGH have expanded his capabilities in managing big national and international projects. He has over seven (7) years of experience in the Mobile VAS, IT environment and technology industry in Ghana and Africa. Nana Kwame is knowledgeable in the regulatory frameworks governing the mobile communication industry in Ghana and some other African countries.

Prince Ahugah


Prince is the engineering lead with over ten (10) years of technical experience developing software and data analytics for global clients such as Huwaei, Seamless- Sweden, Ericson AB-Ghana, Ceros-USA, Andela, Hubtel.

Brian Dzansi Dzidefo


Brian has a strong research background with work experience at Africa’s leading think tank IMANI Ghana, Institute for Fiscal Studies, Ghana and GIZ as a technical advisor. He has worked on numerous research projects that required primary data collection across Ghana, working with ministries departments and agencies to source and analysis complex data for reports.