Customer Experience

We work with companies and startups to automate and measure their customers’ satisfaction levels at critical moments in the customer journey.

What you can use Polldeck CX solution for;

Customer Satisfaction Insight

Market Research Insight

Net Promoter Score

Live Polling & Public Voting

Employee Happiness Insight

Event and conference feedback

Who can use our CX solution

  • Retail
  • Automobile
  • Healthcare
  • B2B
  • Media
  • Airlines
  • Financial Service
  • Travel and Hospitality

Benefits of Polldeck CX

Increase the Accuracy & Speed of Customer Feedback Collection

Insight to Reduce Customer Churn Rate

Save on Research & Marketing Consulting Cost

Use Cases

Use Polldeck to collect data from your customers just when they experience your product/service.


When your client leaves your marketing event, measure their event experience. Assess if your event was valuable and if it did strengthen the client’s ties to your company.


Immediately after a client interacts with your services team, measure their support experience. Was their agent helpful and was their issue quickly resolved?


Understand the buying/sign up experience of the client after they sign up with your service. Why did they select you as their provider and was the setup process enjoyable?

Innovate with Your Client or Customer

Engage your clients to co-create new products, understand their experience with your product. Empower them to tailor your products/services that meet the specific needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Collect customer feedback on their experience with your services to gauge their satisfaction with your services. Would they recommend your company to a friend?

Past Project

Scope of Work:

Event Survey


AfriLabs Conference 2019,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

AfriLabs is a network organization of 240 innovation centres across 48 African countries. Every year, Afrilabs host all its members and relevant global stakeholders in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem for a three-day conference.

Afrilab engaged polldeck to measure the satisfaction of attendees at the end of each session of the AfriLabs conference.